Sunday, 6 July 2014

Red Dolphin

Red Dolphin is an information and treatment resource for reflux, and an organisation that aims to increase awareness in the general population and medical world alike, of this under-rated symptom.

RED is because of the 'red alert' that I believe we should be attaching to the rising incidence of oesophageal cancer that is the end-point of uncontrolled reflux. It is the fastest rising incidence cancer in the West and therefore needs to be taken seriously.

DOLPHIN is because it is a common symbol in both the logos of the Universities of Bristol and Southampton, where I researched and wrote my MD thesis on aspects of the pathophysiology of oesophageal cancer and where my interest in this subject was firmly cemented.

In this blog I will aim to update the reader on new research advances, the pros and cons of various treatments, the importance of lifestyle advice, and other topics related to the field that I feel may be of interest.
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